Don't Knock

by r. Candall Lark

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This is my first attempt at an album. Recorded mostly in my bedroom, it consists mostly personal stories and letters.
All the instruments are owned and played by me(Guitar, Banjo, Accordion), except for the melodica on the first track, that was borrowed from my friend Arrin Abrahms.


released May 22, 2017



all rights reserved


r. Candall Lark Salt Lake City, Utah

I make music that I like to put on the internet

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Track Name: Navy Dodger
And I didn't know what to do
And I had some prior obligations I no longer wanted to be to
So I went down to my local marine recruiting office and said "what can you do?"
And with a face like leather and hand mischievous too
He said, "they'll never know what happened to you"
So I went to war
They shaved my head and called me boy
Track Name: Drug Court
Dear Shar,
I took the boys biking around Lagoon on Sunday. We try to fill them with good food and physical exercise. They argue a lot but I think Nick treats his brother better than I did Dick. I hope you are serious about this. It would be in the best interest of us all. We will see you again.

Love Dad
Track Name: God Damn Them
I don't know if I can don't it
I don't know know if I can go through it
Mythical veil of my past
Let me see all that I once had
There's a lot to it
A wife and kids I'd put through it
Should we all just let it go?
Even though I'll always know?
I know what is right
But I don't have the strength to try it
I know I must do it
I must go through it
Track Name: Nature Loves Rain
Don't you forget that nature loves rain
But natures dead on the bathroom floor
And rains buried up north
Follow I 84
They planted some trees back in their day
But none seem to carry their name
And when Nature was behind bars
While visiting, I pissed my drawers
Rain turned to hale, which turned to hate
And rained hell down on me
And then when Rain was behind bars
She'd write me letters sent from afar
She moved from hotel to gulf
And still haunts those broken halls
And back then, her still breathing ghost
Wrote me the words I remember the most

And I heard his last last words
It was the last message he ever sent the world
He said, Rain, I love you
You look like an angel from up there
And this floors the lowest I've ever been
Rain I love you and I'm sorry about the past
We never reap what we sow but they'll find their way
At least you'll be there, their only parent
At least you will make it out alive
Track Name: Sandy
The neighbors called me a West Valley whore
But they don't know a God damn thing
I come up from up off the hill
South Davis, Bountiful City

And they don't know that I know
All of their secrets from in their home
And they don't know that I know
What they say on the telephone

Hey there Mikey, honey sweety
Do you love me? Don't you love me?
I'm all okay now and I am home
The chemicals in my brain are back to normal
Do you love me? Why don't you love me?

Well you don't know that I know
What you do when I'm not home
And you don't know that I know
That you follow with your stereo

And I don't know where my mind is
It's been gone, it's permanent
And you don't know how to fix this
That's okay, there is no way
I was broken so long ago
And I don't know, I don't know
Track Name: The Man In Black and White
There's nothing cool
About being fucked
As a kid

It won't open any doors
It'll only fuck
Things up for those you love

There's no cards to trade
No trophy to get
Just an echoin

Late nights, Highschool
You and all your friends
Weighing out your pounds of flesh

And you say,"I hurt too"
"Can we talk about something else?
Anything else?"

You can tell all your lovers
If you feel the need
But it won't change a thing

You can tell your mother
If she's listening
But she's not listening

Don't tell me
That my life's my fault
I don't care

And don't tell me
That everything happens for a reason
Because it doesn't

I was only two
Any way you see it
What choice is there in that?

I know only I
Am responsible
For my feelings
He didn't knock
He just came in

But Your blind optimism
is no good here
Thanks anyways

Sometimes that's just not
What a person needs to hear
And it's just easier

To blame chance anyways
Track Name: [...]
I can taste and smell his bad breath
Feel the pain in my back
And I don't know if I'll ever have much more than that

I can smell and taste his bad breath
Feel the pain in my back
And I don't know if I'll ever have much more than

It comes to me when I rest
and I don't know much more else
and I don't know much more else
and I don't know much more else
Taste and smell his bad breath
Pain in my back
Track Name: The Phantom
Father bought some tickets
To a baseball game
I knew he couldn't afford them
We enjoyed it all the same

Perfect day in the 60s
Not a cloud in the sky
Still talked to my brother then
He was just nine

We hadn't seen the moon quite yet
The time were turbulent
I hadn't seen hell quite yet
My life's been quite turbulent

And when they brought out
The fireworks
Father turned and said
That we had to go
And he drove to north side of town
Where the factories grow
And we couldn't see
Through the fog and smoke

And then father parked the car
And he grabbed his gun and his gloves
And he turned to me and my brother and said
Don't you move a god damned muscle
So we didn't move a God damned muscle
And about an hour and a half
Father came back,
His gloves covered in blood,
And he turned to me and my brother and said...

You will never talk about this
You did not see a thing
You will never see this again
You will not say a thing

The Phantom
The Phantom strikes again
Track Name: Dierkes
Son, did you think about my offer?
You can move up to Twin
and you can swim in Dierkes
And I've got job for you
And a room
You can have a life here
And we'd be fine here

Son, did you think about my offer?
Track Name: Care-Bear
"Hello, Miss Beautiful
Here is a postcard
From a place I'd love to live
Maybe someday
I love you lady
I must have done something right
to have you in my life
Adventures here we come"

And don't let them in
They are breaking in
These Hyenas
are not you friends
And don't them in
They are burrowing
And once they get in
They are never leaving

"You're so pretty
and charming
And full of so much past pain
And I am so stuck sometimes
in your eyes
I get lost
Stop pulling society rank on me
Jesus doesn't much care
how much your parents make
Neither do I, okay?
I love you

And now that you have let them in
You feel love and compassion
For those who are stealing from you
and they are trying to hurt you
But I don't blame you
For it is all that you ever knew
And don't let her in
She is not you friend
You should know better than this
And don't let her in
She will lead you to your death
And her eyes have never met
the body that she has left
Track Name: Red Blood Runs
My mothers boyfriend
Brought me an old washer
From back when
She had a body to wash
And in the washer
was a tissue box
In the box was...

In the box was a hundred old needles
And in the needles her red blood
Red still, trying to get back to a heart that's been killed
There is no need to be sentimental about things like this
Mother, I should have expected this
You would pull this kind of shit