by r. Candall Lark

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released August 21, 2017



all rights reserved


r. Candall Lark Salt Lake City, Utah

I make music that I like to put on the internet

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Track Name: The Train Whistle Will Break The Silence
The Train Whistle Will
Break the silence and cut through the night

Hello Midvalley, my old friend
Hello Oakwood, I'll see you again

I will drive with you and I will feel
The weight of all your deals

Hello Saint George, my old friend
Hello Fallview Drive, I will see you again

Where did the house with the basement go?
Oh, I won't ever know

Hello Father, my old friend
Hello Mother, I'll see you again
Track Name: Bread and Butter
I know which side my bread is buttered on
and I know how to keep on keppin' on

It never truly goes way, doesn't it?
It always finds a way back someday
It never truly goes away, doesn't it?
It'll all loops back, doesn't it?

It'll never truly be okay
but it'll be alright

Why do I have to be anything to be anything at all?
Track Name: King's Peak, Delicate Arch
Uintah, I'm feeling sick
and if you did not want me here,
why did you bring me far?
I'm missing half my blood,
and it is my fault

I can't catch my breath,
my hearts beating out my chest
and I'll try my best

Moab, I mistook you for the past
I would love to see your face
when I am in a better place
Track Name: Head To The Wall
I came home
A little late
Father was right there
Waiting for me

Head to the wall
Don't you cry son
Be a man
Stop your crying
and stop milking it
Don't you cry,
you are the son of a man

Mother snuck
in through the front door
Just so she could spend the night
He wasn't supposed to know
but he found us there

Fire came flying from his face
and he grabbed his gun
out of his disgrace
Get her out
Get her out
Get her out
Get her out
Track Name: Monuments
I fell asleep in your car
Will you protect me?
When I die, you will too
All that you are remains with me
As I walk downtown, I see monuments to your youth
This place once meant everything to you
Now it is dead too

Hello, I once knew you
Hello, I once was you
Back in the beginning
Hello, I once needed you
But I will never need you again

As I look out the window, I know I won't feel this again
In my head, I'm still therre
Sitting by you, still a boy

I know that you are gone,
I know that I won't be able
To tell you what's been going on
You know nothing, your head doesn't think
Track Name: Marceline
When I was kid
Mother used to say
I was much to pretty to be a boy
That everyone mistook me for a girl
Well mother
you should see me know
If you only had the eyes

Broken little sissy boy
You are who you are only who you are
Because everything that's happened to you

When I was in first grade
I dressed in my mothers clothes
To not be recognized
By the girl that liked me
I don't think it work
But Damned if I have I ever so at home
But Damned if I have I ever felt So Comfortable

Broken little sissy kid
You are only who you are
because they broke you
I was never really bothered
by the name Marceline
That my brothers gave me
Nor being called fag
When I wore women's pants
Back when I
Felt that I
Had an image to keep
But fuck junior high

Broken little sissy kid
You are only who you are
and the reasons aren't important anymore

- [ ]
Track Name: Fly By, Gemini
Goodbye Gentile
Goodbye Icicle
Goodbye Backyard and all you'll know
Goodbye, warm floor vent

I'll never see you again
Even though I hold
The place of your birth
and the knowledge of your Mother
and the face of your Father
and the tracks that you can't look back too
And your first steps, and your first words
And everything that you heard

Do you know them?
Or am I alone?
You will be eachother
When you are alone

I miss you like no other
But I know that you are home
You will be good for eachother
More than you will ever know
Track Name: Salvatore
A plate with a smiling face.
Crushed between a book and it's page,
Flowers and a crossed out name.
It all blurs out of frame.

One day, your youth will go
And your face will look strange
I know, your sister has gone
And her face will be forgotten

A plate with a smiling face.
Crushed between a book and it's page
Flowers and a crossed out name.
It all blurs out of frame.
A secret shared amongst friends,
I wish I had done better to keep it

One day, your youth will go
And your face will look strange.
I know, your sister has gone
And her face will be forgotten.

And anything I say will mean nothing.
Track Name: The Urinal
I live in a world of cement.
I live in a tomb of great encouragement.

I know your dead face and I know your silent words
Because I've been here all too many times before
Fantasy will kill you shortly
but reality will kill you surely

I live in a world of tiny pieces.
I live in a womb of great entitlement.
I see the end for me.
I hear a cry of apathy.

My brother naked on the floor.
We were on an adventure we would never been on at all

The urinal in the center of the room
In a house, in a place in a time we would have never known anyways

My brother dying on the floor
with a weight that he wish he never bore
In a house, in a place, in a time that we would never forget.
Did all this great history happen for nothing?
I can't believe it was all for nothing.

I will feel new again and you will too my firend
Track Name: In The Back, Looking Up
The streetlights fly up above.
As the world breaths and sighs,
I am in the back, looking up.
Track Name: Warm
Fall; your stormy skies,
Your fallen shoulders,
Your starless nights
Will be warm again.

Cafe, you hold a memory
of a woman and her baby
but they are gone

Winter, your fields of snow,
your peaks of gold,
on the drive home
from a joyous wedding.

Dead-a-head, I know just where youar
you're in the place
where dead things are.
Well goodbye, I have my memories

Friend, I love you
with my heart.
From the bottom, to the top,
And you are here
Track Name: Nevada Skies
Burn me whole
And take me home
Bring me hope
That I won't die
I've only got
One shot
Give me luck
That I won't die alone
Burn me whole
And take me home
Back to Nevada
Where I have never been
Only in the grin
Of my oldest childhood friends

Be right be right
Left x why up
I'll never have to grow up
If I only be right

Bright nights and swimming pools
I can smell water in the air
Let's all go home and play the sims
Warm desert air and mysticism everywhere
Let's all go home
I think we could all use some time
To tie up the past
I need to put this memory to rest
It's doing me no good
All of the the fortunes I thought I must have
Are just getting in the way
I think we could use some time to do all the things we've wanted to do since we were little
And realize they are not what we want to do
Track Name: The Sandpiper
You picked me up from school
I called you and told you I was sick
That was a lie and you knew it.

You're hair blowin in the wind
and now there is no wind.
Your cares blowing in the wind
and now I'm stuck down wind.

You weren't supposed to be there
but the coast was clear
and when we got in
you started making me some lunch
and I started playin

I loved you so much back
So much that I try to forget
I will never love you so much again
There is no love to give
to a corpse

(But I have all the love to give to those breathin, to my friends)